figuring out how the moon moves in relation to our game


Peter just made this new diagram. It shows the azimuth values. It’s taken us a long time to understand how the moon moves, but I think we are all finally getting it and translating that to the game.


1 thought on “figuring out how the moon moves in relation to our game

  1. earthworksbuilder

    This is great for showing the monthly cycle during maximum periods. Two design suggestions: 1. de-couple the diagram from the image of the octagon since the sighting locations move around for different alignments (there is no single, central vantage point in the earthwork’s design, and therefore the “center” of the diagram had no corresponding meaningful position on the photo or map of Newark, and to imply so is misleading). 2. the more difficult diagramming task is showing the minima / maxima oscillation, that stays within each of the quadrants, over the 18.6-year cycle (that’s why in our version we ended up with the “eight moons” sitting on the edges of our horizon-disc, which I realize in retrospect was maybe also confusing); so let me know if you have something also on that.–John Hancock


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