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Applied for further funding from National Science Foudnation

National Science Foundation - Where Discoveries Begin

In developing the grant proposal to NSF, we added 5 new people to the Native American Advisory team including Dr. Nancy Maryboy president of the Indigenous Education Institute and Dr. Megan Bang, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Washington. The Native American Advisory Team meets independently to allow for frank discussions and determinations for the project that are then shared out to the larger team through Dr. Christine Ballengee-Morris, project PI, Ohio State University.

Our Native American Advisory Team is the centerpiece of how we are implementing the consulting collaborative approach. Our current NA Advisory Team is composed of 5 people. After deliberation, the NA advisory team renamed the website and badge system project Earthworks Rising – (follow that development here:

The basis of our NSF grant proposal grew from the work supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities which supported the game prototype and winning the DML Badges for Lifelong Learning competition 4 (,  which is currently supporting the development of our website and badge system that includes a crowd-sourced mentoring system.

council of fools            Schell Games

With NSF funding, we will be able to create a video game that addresses Indigenous Ways of Knowing Nature. This game will be incorporated into the Earthworks Rising badge system and website. We have begun consultation with a video game designer, storyteller, and Native American: Allen Turner( who is a on the faculty at DePaul University in the College of Computing and Digital Media. He helped us to rework our game approach and helped us by drafting a new game treatment. This grant would also fund our partnering with Schell Games , “games that use entertainment mechanics to positively transform the players in a meaningful way.” Schell Games would construct and contribute to the design of the game, making it fun and meaningful.

Check back in late summer, 2013 for an update to find out if NSF awards our project funding!


Follow up from Content Planning Meeting

Here are a few drawings from the planning meeting. Each participant was given a scetch pad to draw or write on during the meeting. I am also posting a short movie of John Hancock discussing how the lunar alignments work at the Newark Earthworks and I’ve also included a two images from Marti Chaatsmith showing the moon rises and how the mounds have eroded over the last 200 years due to farming and the growth of Newark.


Game Design Meeting this weekend!

Dan Norton from Filament Games is flying in a few hours and then Dan, Peter, Tyler, Christine and I (Michelle) will be meeting to talk about our ideas, the learning objectives and how to tie those to game mechanics and most importantly, set a fun goal for the game.  On Saturday, we are going to drive out to the Newark Earthworks and be inspired. Here’s a panorama of the entrance to the Great Circle.