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Poster submission accepted for International Physics Education Conference!

Our submission was accepted to the International Conference on Physics Education to be held in Prague, Czech Republic on August 5 through 9, 2013. Jonathan Diehl, Larissa Borcz, Michelle Aubrecht, and Christine Ballengee-Morris will contribute to creating the poster that Michelle will present. We will also rework our prototype demos, fixing a few bugs and updating the artwork. We are really thrilled to have been accepted at this conference!

Prague conference



Updated Website!

Larissa Borcz’s first pass at a mini game that exemplifies 2 ways to focus learners on how the moon moves. We anticipate using these as prototypes for developing a 2 or 3 level mini game within the context of the larger video game. It is available on the Earthworks Builder website.

View it here:


Peter reworks the diagram – please see comments on the other images below


I have provided the comments from Mike Mickelson, professor of physics and astonomy, who has begun to help us think through the way the moon moves, and from Peter, our game developer, who is making it all work together. I also added John Hancock’s comments. They are under the images posted a few days ago.

Please see the beginnings of the game, by cliking on project website above.