Michelle attended THATCamp on Saturday


I’m attend the OSU THATCamp (https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%23THATCampOSU). It occurs to me that the unconference structure is a wonderful way to have face-to-face discussions that would never occur otherwise. People who are involved with Digital Humanities have gathered to talk about a variety of topics, network with others at OSU, and come away with new ideas, new connections and possbilities. http://osu2012.thatcamp.org/

I suggested any conversation about games and it’s been so fun – three out of four sessions I attended were on this topic! We looked at defining what students can learn making games, in another we shared about how we are using games or in my case making a game, and in the last one, we talked about Second Life and virtual worlds and how that differs from games, as well as the iterative and creative process that can occur when students create, either making areas in virtual worlds or making games and how that realates to artistic processes. And, I got a chance to talk about our Badge system project! I can’t wait until we have a business card with a link to this website, our development blog, and contact information! People are really interested in what we’re doing, thinking about badging and connecting through social media. and more.



Michelle to attend THATCamp OSU – the Humanities and Technology Camp

Michelle just posted some ideas for sessions at THATCamp to be held at OSU Thompson Library on Saturday, April 28. A lot of great OSU people will be there, so I know it’s going to be fun and informative. Here’s a link to my post regarding session ideas: 


Seems like a great way to talk about game based learning and maybe get some ideas for this project. Look for a post after the event!

Posting from San Francisco


How cool is this? The Digital Watershed people took Tyler’s super logo and added the moon and other things and now it’s so beautiful. Not that it wasn’t before, as you can see below. The orignal is tight. We are really fortunate to have Tyler on our team!

We’re using this image (above) in our slide presentation tomorrow when we pitch our project ideas to the HASTAC panel. Our time is 11:20 PST! more later.

Horizon Report – we’re on their map!

We submitted information about our project in response to a query from the Horizon Report. We took 2 screen shots of how our information is included on their data visualization, inteactive chart about exploring uses of emerging technologies.


“Navigator is the entryway to the extensive listings of vetted projects exploring uses of emerging technologies contained in the Horizon Project data set — easily the largest database of its kind in the world.”