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Preping for the Meeting – making an educational video game that’s fun

I’ve sent out emails to all of the participants who will attend the Content Planning meeting next week. This is when we will really be getting this project underway. We have the best team imaginable for developing content: Chief Glenna Wallace of the Eastern Shawnee; Christine Ballengee-Morris of OSU Art Ed. and Cherokee Nation; Marti Chaatsmith, program coordinator of the Newark Earthworks Center; John Hancock, Architectural History, co-founder of CERHAS, and more!; Bill Schmidt, science consultant; and Jarrod Burks, director of Archaeological Geophysics at Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc. That’s just for the content. I’ll write more later about the awesome game design team and initial play-tester group. 

To prepare, I drafted an agenda, a content focus document, thoughts about how the content people can focus their thoughts about what to contribute, and gave people links like watch Dan Norton talking about games through an edWeb webinar: 


What’s the game about?

Big Idea: player take-away
game play creates in the player an empathy & understanding for another culture(s). Hopefully, that sense of empathy & understanding can be transferred when studying other cultures and create a desire to understand current Native American issues.

Game genre: role-playing game, and a game for change

 In this prototype we will focus on the Newark Earthworks and the Native American role. ( Examples of roles include: Native American, scientist, cartographer, astronomer, anthropologist, geographer, etc.)